Airport Pickup Tips for International Travelers

International Limo Service

International Airport Car Service

If you are traveling internationally and plan to reserve car service for your airport pickup, the following are a few considerations you will want to keep in mind to ensure you have a seamless airport pickup experience.

You may need extra time to clear customers. In order to ensure you have enough time, when selecting your airport car service, you may want to select a pickup time that is at least an hour after your flight is scheduled to land.

International travelers often have more pieces of luggage. If this describes your situation, you will want to make sure you select a vehicle that can accommodate your entire luggage. A sedan can typically hold three pieces of standard luggage. However, if all three bags are over-sized they probably won’t fit in a typical sedan. If this is the case, an SUV vehicle or passenger van will be a more suitable vehicle choice for you.

Additionally, before your next international trip, please check in advance that your cell phone can receive calls and text messages from the local country of the arrival and pickup location.  You driver will contact you following your arrival to coordinate a pickup, and you will want to ensure you can receive this message from your driver.

In the event that you cannot connect with your driver upon arrival, please call the customer service line to speak with a ride consultant who will take care of making sure you connect with your driver.

Lastly, to make it easier to coordinate the pickup with your driver and to get assistance with your baggage, we strongly recommend that you opt for a meet and greet instead of a curbside pickup.


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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Parties

Holiday Party Rides

Holiday Party Rides

With the holiday season in full swing, you’ve no doubt been receiving your fair share of holiday party invites. From corporate holiday parties to gatherings small and large hosted by friends and family, many of us will come together to share in the fun and merriment over the holidays.

Holiday parties are a great time to connect with friends, families and co-workers and celebrate with great food and drinks. As you raise a glass to toast your host and friends, the last thing you want to worry about is how you will get home from the party safely. And let’s face it, who wants to have to draw straws for a designated driver? Instead, this holiday season hire car service ahead of time to get you and all your fellow holiday revelers to and from your next party safely in comfort and style.

Search the marketplace today to find the perfect ride to get you to and from your next holiday party. Going with a big group? Why not share a ride with all your friends? The bigger the number of people in your group – the more you’ll save. Happy Holidays!

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Download the App

Today’s busy travelers want instant, easy access to tools for booking ground transportation. for the iPhone and Android delivers just that by giving travelers access to the world’s largest online marketplace for private car service right from their phones whenever and wherever.

Search thousands of local pre-screened suppliers worldwide who compete for your business. From reliable town cars for your next business trip to stress-free wedding transportation, we feature all types of vehicles to  bring you limo and car service at a great price for any occasion.

With the mobile apps, travelers can still take advantage of all the same benefits of booking car service through the marketplace, just in a faster, often more convenient way.

Simply Search
Instantly run a search for car service from your phone. The mobile app can identify your location via GPS. Simply enter your ride type, destination, time, and number of passengers and click “Find a Ride.”

Compare Rides
From the results screen, compare all your vehicle options, operators, customer reviews, and transparent pricing (tip included) on a single screen. Filter your results by vehicle, service class or price.

Book Your Trip
Click the “Select” button to book your trip. Create a free account and we’ll securely store your payment details so you can book your next ride with just a couple taps.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

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Stress-free Holiday Travel to and from the Airport

As the holiday season arrives, many people are preparing for another busy travel season. Whether searching for last minute deals on airline tickets and hotels, planning itineraries or packing for the whole family, most holiday travelers have their hands full.

Holiday Airport Travel

Stress-free Holiday Airport Rides

While you can’t always avoid some of the challenges of coordinating travel during the holiday season, one way to alleviate added stress is by booking airport car service to and from the airport in advance of your upcoming trip.

Navigating a crowded airport during the holiday travel season is usually a given, so why make getting there and back difficult as well? By booking car service in advance, you’ll ensure you and your family arrive to and from the airport in comfort and safely and on time – every leg of your journey.

So forget schlepping luggage to and from the parking shuttle stop or trying to call a taxi last minute. Book an airport limo and know you can count on comfortable, door-to-door service for every leg of your holiday trip.

Not sure what size vehicle or service to book? Search to find the largest variety of car service providers to ensure getting to and from the airport is a hassle-free, relaxing part of your holiday travels.

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What’s the Deal with Curbside Pickup at the Airport?

When scheduling airport car service from the airport, depending on the airport, you may have the option to choose a curbside or a meet and greet pickup. Given the choice, how do you know which option is best for you?

Airport PickupA curbside pickup is the most common way to connect with your driver when you have scheduled car service from the airport. In a curbside pickup scenario, your driver will pick you up at a specified location right outside your arriving terminal – usually near the baggage claim area.

Curbside pickups are beneficial for customers who are traveling light and are on a tight schedule and need to get to their destination as soon as possible.

Should you need help finding the curbside pickup area, the airport information desk can usually point you in the right direction.

Another thing to note is that vehicles are not permitted to wait for you at the curb for security reasons. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to call your driver once you have collected your bags and made your way to the pickup area. The driver may ask for your location to coordinate a smooth pick-up.

Just like your luggage, many of the companies that offer car service from the airport have identical vehicles. It is always a good idea to confirm you have connected with the correct driver.

What about Meet-and-Greet Service?

In a meet-and-greet pickup scenario, the driver parks his or her vehicle and then meets the passenger inside the terminal, usually at or near the baggage claim area. The driver will have a sign with the passenger’s name on it. This is an easy way to find your driver – especially if you are arriving at an unfamiliar airport. Choosing meet and greet is particularly helpful if you require assistance with your luggage.

Please be aware that with a meet-and-greet pickup there is usually an additional parking fee along with an additional fee for the time the vehicle is left unattended by the driver.

Not sure what to do if you need to contact your driver? If you booked through, you will always receive a “know before you” go email or text message with your driver’s contact information.

Regardless of whether you choose a curbside pickup or meet and greet, your reservation already includes a gratuity for the driver if you booked your car service through the marketplace.

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Wedding Transportation Tips for All Seasons

Spring, summer, fall or winter bride? Make sure you plan early to get the best deals and selection for your big day. Spring in particular is a busy time for limo transportation wedding picbecause of prom season. Even if you aren’t planning a spring wedding you will want to book out as early as you can – sometimes as much as 6 months to a year in advance to ensure the best selection and prices for all your wedding day transportation needs.

Know Your Transportation Needs and Budget Accordingly
Your transportation budget will vary depending on the type and number of vehicles you plan on reserving. Many limousine companies have an hourly minimum for their vehicles so make sure you plan accordingly. If you plan on taking a limo from the reception, make sure to estimate distance, traffic, and other factors that might mean additional time. If your honeymoon getaway is a significant distance from your reception, you want to factor in the time the limo operator needs to get back to the garage after you’re been dropped off.

Familiarize Yourself with Vehicle Selection
Your choice of the type of transportation depends on your vision for your wedding, the needs of your guests, and the size of your wedding party. There are a lot of options out there – everything from classic cars to SUVs to stretch limousines. Not sure what you need? Take a look at our Vehicle guide.

Specify the Number of People to Ensure the Best Vehicle Options
When searching for wedding transportation, make sure to specify the minimum number of guests you will be riding with to ensure you find a vehicle that comfortably fits you and all your guests. Traveling with 14 or more people? You are probably better off renting a mini party bus or motor coach. If you have a smaller party of 8 or less, a stretch limousine may make more sense.

Consider Reserving Additional Transportation for Guests
Planning for a lot of wedding guests? You may want to give some thought to their transportation needs. It may make sense to hire a chartered van or bus to help get all of your guests to the wedding and reception. If a lot of guests are flying in from out of town, you might also want to look at booking airport transfers in advance.

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A Big Thanks to Everyone We Connected with at Chauffeur Driven this Week

We had a great time participating and exhibiting at the Chauffeur Driven Trade show and Conference in Miami this week. saw a lot of booth traffic over the three days and our team on the ground really appreciated the opportunity to connect with new and existing limo operators at the show.

show 1It’s an exciting time for as we come off the recent acquisition by The Stage Fund – an acquisition that further supports our commitment to helping our operators grow their customer base and bring them more revenue opportunities in their own markets.

We are spending the rest of the week in Miami meeting with local operators as we kick off a series of regional visits planned over the coming months.

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It’s Official: Has Moved to the Galvanize Campus in SoMa

It’s an excitigalvanizeng time for Following the announcement of the acquisition by The Stage Fund, has officially completed our move to the Galvanize Campus in SoMa. This is a great space that really cultivates collaboration across the team.

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Business Travel: Planning and Safety First

In today’s business travel environment, companies need transportation options for their employees that are not only affordable and reliable, but also safe and professional. With that in mind, we’d like to share some of the benefits of hiring private car service through the next time you travel for business.

Cost-Effective, Reliable and Efficientairport_335x242_buildings-1

  • Enjoy affordable, flat-rating pricing
  • Easily book via web, mobile or app
  • Save time and maximize your work day
    • Work while you ride
    • Avoid long taxi lines
    • Forget shuttling to and from parking

Safe and Professional Service Every Time You Travel

  • Avoid getting behind the wheel of a car after international or red-eye flights
  • Never walk alone through an empty parking lot at night
  • Eliminate the need to hand over cash or a credit card
  • Ride with pre-screened, licensed and regulated providers
  • Take advantage of the benefits of $5 million in supplemental insurance coverage
  • Enjoy world class customer service providing 24/7 access to help
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Success With a Remote Engineering Team

By Nate Crosno, Sr. Web Developer

“Tech Company” might not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone hears the name, but the truth is we have a great in-house engineering team (If I do say so myself). With Yahoo all over the news after revoking all remote working privileges, we want to share our success. As the company has grown we’ve experimented with various techniques and feel we’ve settled into a steady rhythm of deploying quality features at a very quick pace with an almost entirely remote engineering team.

Our team currently consists of all remote developers while our QA, DBA, and management works primarily in our SF office. We’re a Rails shop and have had much more success finding qualified candidates by opening up the possibility of working remotely.

Your mileage may vary of course, but here are some aspects that have been key to our success:

Daily Video Stand-Ups

I’m going to start with the biggest one right off the bat. I’ve been working remotely for over a decade now and daily video stand-ups have seriously changed how I feel about my job. From my own perspective I feel like I have gone from the lone cowboy wrangling code on the prairie to part of a cohesive team. Every morning at 10:45 we all jump on a Google+ Hangout for a quick 15 minute status update.  We keep it short-and-sweet and then regroup afterward if any more in-depth discussions are needed.

Pair Programming

Yes, it can be done with remote teams! About a year ago we started getting much more into pair/team programming and it has definitely made a difference. Not only has the quality of our code increased, but so has team morale and productivity. We have also been blessed with team members that really gel well together.  As a natural outcome of our team dynamic, most of our developers spend the majority of the day on Skype with at least one other teammate. Each sub-team works a little differently. Some spend almost 100% of the time screen sharing and working on the same task together, and some of us go back-and-forth between working together or on separate tasks (though usually as part of the same project). Even when we are not directly screen sharing, being constantly connected over Skype has improved our code by allowing us to quickly bounce ideas off one another and allow for impromptu code reviews — the same way you would in an office environment.  I can also attest that it personally helps keep me focused. It took a little getting used to, but there are no longer awkward silences, and a long period of quiet concentration is no different than it would be in the office.

In addition to Skype and G+, we also use a lot of IRC amongst the team for quick group conversations that don’t quite warrant a phone call but need more back-and-forth than email.  This is actually a more recent addition to the team and has lessened our use of other tools (sorry, Yammer).

Regular 1:1s

We all have weekly video calls with our direct boss. We all get busy and it’s important to have that reliable time carved out — even if there is not much new work stuff to discuss.  The time can be just as important to catch up on personal stuff, which helps build the bonds that are sometimes missing when compared to folks who are always in the office with more opportunities for chit-chat.  (IRC has helped with this as well.)

Staying Organized

We stay pretty close to most of the Agile Development methodologies with daily stand-ups, backlog grooming, etc. Our current task management system of choice is Pivotal Tracker. Keeping the backlog of tasks well groomed and ready for us to attack has gone a long way towards increased productivity from our team. Good communication between Engineering and the business side has been critical. As Engineers, we love being involved early in the idea stages of projects and having input, but we also really want the ideas to be fully baked by the time we actually start working on them.  This of course is nothing unique to remote employees and is key to the success of any team.  However, communication between in-office business folks and the remote Engineering team takes practice, which brings me to my final point . . .

A big, dedicated video conference system in the office.

The room we have reserved every day for our Stand-Ups has a big screen TV hooked up to a little net-top PC with a web-cam.  The first person in the room fires up G+ and invites the rest of the team.  This makes it so much easier for everyone in the office to participate and feel the remote people are there with them.  We use the same room as much as we can whenever there are meetings with people in the office.  I can’t stress this enough: video, video, video. We are visual beings and it really tricks our minds into thinking the person is really there and you’ve had a “real” interaction with them instead of just a phone call. Seeing facial expressions, hand gestures and the like is huge.

To sum it up, the key has been to keep our remote employees from feeling remote. The latest crop of VOIP with video, screen sharing tools, and nice high bandwidth connections make all of that so much easier when paired with a few simple practices. It’s a world of difference from when I started doing this 10+ years ago.

When you are disconnected from your team, you drift off and start doing your own thing (ala Yahoo, from what I’ve heard).  None of us are micro-managed but we are all constantly connected and have a real sense of a team community.  We want to see the team succeed.

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