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Wine tours from $120

A road trip filled with wine and relaxation leaves very little room for maps and hassle.

Hire a driver to get you there – and back – and give everyone a taste of the good life.

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Go, fight, win! ….and, ride!

After the summer-long lockout, the season that almost wasn’t is BACK!  That’s right – it’s football season.

Whether you are heading to the stadium this weekend, or escaping tonight’s Project Runway to hit the local sports bar, hire a driver on and forget about fighting for a cab or paying for parking.  Get door-to-door service for yourself and all your buddies.  The bigger the ride, the better the value.

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It’s all about the wheels…

Hey brides — want to bring out the best in your groomsmen? Book a sweet ride for the wedding day and you’ll be giving them lifelong bragging rights.

Whether it’s a traditional stretch or something sportier like a stretch SUV, the groomsmen are going to want to feel like men coming out of that thing. And frankly, we can’t blame them. We’re already asking them to stand in a line without talking, while wearing flowers and shiny shoes – we can certainly throw them a bone and hook them up with a respectable set of wheels. Especially when it’s stocked with chilled beers, champagne, snacks, tunes, the works.

After all, everyone knows: happy groomsmen = better wedding photos.

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Calling all business travelers (and travel managers!)

Do you travel for business, or book travel for someone who does?  Have you heard about For Business?  You are booking your flights, hotels and rental cars online – why not your ground transportation??

Half of the Fortune 500 have 50 or more employees using for Business.  You get the same great features from, including pre-negotiated rates, all-inclusive pricing, pre-screened and insured drivers, and 24/7 customer support, plus the perk of online management tools that seamlessly integrate with your travel systems or travel agency to help you control your travel budget.

Whether you want motor coach shuttle service for your employees, or you need town-car service to the airport, hotel or convention, or for that important lunch with a big client, check out for Business and start saving.  There are no booking fees or registration required.

Attending the GBTA in Denver?  Swing by booth number 581 and we’ll tell you all about it.

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Top three ways to prolong your Summer

Summer is almost over. Squeeze the last drops out of the season with our top three summer excursions:

wine tourWINE TOURS:

A road trip filled with wine and relaxation leaves very little room for maps and hassle. Hire a driver to get you there – and back – and give everyone a taste of the good life.

birthday limosBIRTHDAY PARTIES:

It’s an easy way to take any birthday celebration to the next level. Perfect for anyone who loves to party, and believes that getting there is half the fun.

concert ridesCONCERTS:

Forget about trying to find decent parking, or ditching the encore to hunt for your car. Turn up the volume, and get all your friends- the bigger the ride, the bigger the value.

Check out all of the ride options and celebrate your end-of-Summer in style.  Find a ride that fits your budget (and all of your friends!)

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5 Tips Every Bride Needs Before Booking a Limo

Millions of wedding limos are rented each year. The average bride spends $500 on transportation for her big day, which translates into big business for car service operators.

If you are a bride, how can you ensure you get the right one?  We’ve listed the top five tips for booking a wedding limo.

  1. Save time online – Compare limo companies, car types, and prices. Limos.comshows you a side-by-side comparison guide similar to flight and hotel booking sites. Search results include photos, price quotes, service class, and customer comments. You can also search by luxury sedans, antiques/classic limos, stretch limousines, passenger vans, trolleys, carriages, shuttle/mini buses or motor coaches.
  2. Check licenses and insurance – Car service providers aren’t required by law to disclose whether or not they are licensed operators, so check the operator’s documentation to be safe. For your peace of mind, only works with licensed operators. In fact, all drivers have undergone rigorous screening requirements to ensure they are licensed, insured, and professional.
  3. Don’t overpay – Always compare prices from multiple providers, and pay attention to add-ons like fuel surcharges, automatic gratuity, bridge fare, and other fees not included in the base price. features an all-inclusive payment method. The price you see online is the price you pay at checkout. Nothing kills the romance more than having to shell out cash for a tip you weren’t expecting.
  4. Look for special event packages – If the event requires more than a single car, find a provider who can coordinate multiple vehicles and all-inclusive discount packages to get everyone where they need to be, hassle free and on time. Don’t forget airport pick-ups, rehearsal dinner party bus, and transportation for weekend activities. A quality operator will offer packages for customized sightseeing, shopping, concerts, wine tasting tours, and more.
  5. Confirm the details – Always obtain an emailed or printed confirmation of the reservation, stating exactly what services and car type will be provided and for what total cost. One week before the wedding, call to confirm the car model and color, and the event date, location and time. Make sure the driver is familiar with all locations, has driving directions, and will arrive looking professional. Most providers will offer special touches such as a red carpet and bottle of champagne, so don’t hesitate to request the extras. Get the driver’s mobile number and provide yours and your wedding planner’s mobile numbers in case any changes occur.

“The best day of your life deserves the best ride of your life,” said T.J. Clark, CEO. “We’ve worked hard to give consumers an easy way to find the perfect car at a great price, provided by trustworthy operators who will ensure an amazing experience for everyone.”

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And the nominees are…

Us! We’ve just been nominated for the Global Business Travel Association’s “Innovations of the Year” award. What’s that? It’s the brainchild of The Wall Street Journal and Global Business Travel Association, designed to honor the folks making life a little easier for the business traveler. And apparently, that’s what we’ve done. So come make it official, and vote for us.

If we’re chosen, we’ll be showcased at the 2011 GBTA Convention, where thousands of corporate travelers and managers can get the inside scoop on our business. Important things like how we manage to offer such reliable, 5-star service at prices up to 40% off market rates. We could tell you now, but that would take all the fun out of the convention, wouldn’t it?

So vote for us and help us further refine the business traveler’s life on the road. It’s a luxurious job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Hurry! Voting ends July 15.

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