5 reasons to ride in the back seat this Valentine’s Day

Ride in the Back Seat

Let’s face it, driving can be a drag when you’re trying to make an evening romantic. Surprise your date with a Valentine’s Day gift of car service for your special evening, and we’re betting you’ll BOTH like the benefits.

Here’s our top five reasons car service will make for a Valentine’s Day to be remembered – for all the right reasons:

1.       Your undivided attention – It’s tough to make someone feel special while you’re looking for parking.  Let your chauffeur keep his eyes on the road while yours are on your Valentine.

2.       Quality time together– Relax and enjoy each other in a private space all to yourselves. Provide your driver with a CD of your date’s favorite songs and a bottle of  champagne or wine, and share a toast to all the things that make you love each other.

3.       Non-stop romance – Create a special moment in-between each of the night’s venues so the ambiance continues when you’re on the road. Reveal a small, inexpensive but meaningful gift at each stop, and the romance meter will be off the charts.

4.       Red carpet moment – Luxury and style do matter. There may not be paparazzi, but turning heads when you both look and feel your best will only add to this memorable night.

5.       Responsible fun – Play like a kid, be responsible like a grown-up.  Enjoy your night without worry, in the capable hands of a trained driver.  You focus on the moment… your driver will take care of the distractions.

Do you have another reason, or two?  Tell us on Facebook and be entered in our Valentine’s Limo-a-Day sweepstakes.   Or, if you have some great pictures of a Valentine’s Day – or any other day – made better with a limo, share them with the OpenTable Flickr group and be entered to win one of four  limo + $200 gift card packages from OpenTable and Limos.com.

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