Single on Valentine’s Day? Worry not!

I know, I know… it’s easy to be annoyed by all the couples making big plans for Valentine’s Day. But hey, why should they have all the fun?  Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating love – not just romantic love, but love for your friends, family, and the most neglected of all…YOU.  With the right attitude, the perfect plan, and a little help from, you can be the envy of your married and dating friends if you’re single this Valentine’s Day.

Here are four great tips for singles everywhere to make Valentine’s Day 2011 the best ever:

1.      Party on wheels – Plan a night out on the town with your friends in a private, chauffeured car. Stock the limo with everyone’s favorite drinks and start the night with a heartfelt toast to friendship and the single life.

2.      Nonstop fun – No need for the celebration to pause when you’re on the road. Provide your driver with a CD of everyone’s favorite songs and share stories of other special times together. Driving down memory lane with friends is even more meaningful when someone else is minding the road.

3.      Turn heads – Arrive to your destination, celeb style. There may not be paparazzi, but turning heads when you all look and feel your best will add to this memorable night.

4.      Let loose – Enjoy a carefree night out and be worry-free the next day.  Focus on your friends and let your driver focus on the road.

If you’re single, tell us how you plan to spend Valentine’s Day.

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