Our favorite limo movie scenes

The Oscars are this Sunday! I don’t know about you, but for some reason all the other award shows pale in comparison, at least for me.

In honor of the Oscar awards, here’s a few of some of our favorite limo scenes. Although I’m pretty certain none of these movies actually WON any Oscars, they’re pretty great all the same:

Pretty Woman –

Who can forget that fabulous final scene of pretty woman, with Richard Gere as the modern knight in shining armor – white ‘horse’ and all?

2012 –

The movie itself was fairly ridiculous, but…come on, John Cusack is the best. Limo driver. Ever.

Secret of my Success –

Michael J Fox! in the 80’s! In a limo! With an older lady! Not to mention an iconic song. Oh, Yeah..

Dumb and Dumber –

Who can resist one of the (in my humble opinion) funniest and most quotable movies of all time? If you’ve never seen this classic, let’s just say our drivers are way, way more reliable.

“It’s okay, I’m a limo driver!”

Do you have any favorite limo scenes? Let us know!

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