Time to upgrade your prom

Imagine the night:

you’re wearing the hottest dress in town… one that would make Megan Fox green with envy. Your hair and make-up are flawless, his tux complements your dress perfectly, and his hair would make Justin Bieber reconsider his stylist. The corsage he got you is perfect and matches your rockin’ dress as if they were cut from the same material.  All the embarrassing parent pictures have been taken and it’s time to hit the road for your unforgettable night.

You climb into his parents’ 2008 Honda Accord and you’re off to dinner… wait, really?

Unacceptable. Your all-time fashion high should have a ride to match.

Getting a ride for prom doesn’t necessarily mean draining your parent’s savings account. Limos.com lets you compare local car service companies and prices all in one place. What’s best is that Limos.com negotiates with limo companies for discounts of up to 40% off standard rates. So not only will you arrive in style, you’ll be able to afford something other than burgers and fries for dinner.

We’ve put together a new Prom Limo Guide to help answer your questions about renting a limo for prom. Check it out!

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