Friday fun and more Apple news iPhone appThe last week in San Francisco has been CRAZY with Apple news – the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference was held just a few blocks from our office, and everyone within an earshot has been talking about iCloud, unlocked iPhones and the sweet, free iPhone app that just hit iTunes.  You haven’t heard about the sweet app?  It’s the iPhone app – ready for download, just in time for your summer of fun.

You’ll have all the perks of booking a ride from the palm of your hand–unbeatable prices included of course. Plus, now that we’re mobile, you don’t even have to know your exact address to schedule a pick up.  Say you’re in a business meeting in another city, we’ll use your phone’s GPS to send a car to you.  Even if you are vacationing out of the country, our app can help you book car service wherever you go, with a few taps of your finger.

Welcome to the future.
Next up…teleporting!

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