Preparing for Prom, From “His” Perspective

By Junior Magallon, Senior, Del Sol High School, Las Vegas & Guest Blog Contributor

Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights for high school students each year. The chance to share the evening with my beautiful date and friends is something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. That’s why planning for prom wisely is so important, including:

  1. Get a perfect prom date (duh)
  2. Dress nicely (a.k.a. “tuxedo T-shirt”)
  3. Eat well (perfect before-the-prom dinner)
  4. Party with the friends (while keeping the parents unworried)

Step 1 – Perfect Date: My prom experience started by deciding who to ask to the big dance. I was nervous about asking my date, so I did some research on the best way to ask a girl to prom … because let’s face it, girls expect the proposal to be creative, genuine and somewhat cute.

Here are some ideas I found for asking a girl to a dance:

  • Plan a scavenger hunt
  • Have a small group for friends spell out prom in her front yard
  • Fill her car with sticky notes asking her to prom
  • Create a huge poster asking her to prom and include flowers

However, to me all those ideas were overrated. So I decided to ask my date by embarrassing her instead. I thought it was a foolproof plan…but I guess I was wrong.

I know the girl I wanted to ask to prom hated monkeys. I know this because one day while at the zoo, we were taking pictures when a monkey pulled her hair and scared her. She was really embarrassed but all of our friends got a good laugh. She made me delete the photos and promise never speak of the situation again. Maybe that should have been my first clue that this was a bad idea, but I digress.

The moment arrived and I surprised her at school with a bunch of monkey gear, including a bracelet, stuffed animal and sign that read, “Be My Primate Prom Date”. To my surprise, she rejected my proposal but eventually came around and said yes.

Step 2 – Perfect Tuxedo: Phase one was complete! Now my nervousness has now turned to renting a tuxedo. It’s important to wear the same the color as your date. And the corsage has to be perfect as well. I know she loves roses so I’m planning on buying her a white rose corsage to match her dress.

Step 3 – Perfect Dinner: Next is planning a nice dinner for before prom. I’m undecided on where to take her since we’re going with a group but I’m leaning toward a restaurant where I can surprise her with a banana split … sorry, I digressed again.

Step 4 – Perfect Party Ride: No prom night would be complete without booking a party bus for all of our friends. I was Googling for a prom limo and found the perfect ride on, where I could compare prices and review (and make my parents happy with my hard research work!). So now, not only will we be able to get to-and-from the restaurant in style, we’ll be able to cruise the strip for a couple hours after the dance – where I hope there will be a little monkeying around … with good friends on our limo bus … get your mind out of the gutter!

And – Step 5 – Perfect Prom! Students anticipate prom for four years. Nothing throughout high school can top that night. It’s not the cute way you ask your date to prom, but the little things you do to prepare yourself for the night. To some it’s just another day, but to me it’s the day I’ve been looking forward to since my freshman year. I can’t wait for prom.

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