Remembering Tom Mazza

Tom Mazza

Tom Mazza, an inspirational leader associated with the U.S. limousine industry, passed away this month from complications from ALS. He was 53.

Tom was deeply connected to, and will be greatly missed. Our team took a few moments to share some thoughts and memories of Tom.

By Doug Anderson,
Above all, Tom’s heart and care for the industry and for the people in the industry always shined through. He touched so many of us in so many different ways that his positive contributions become almost immeasurable. would not be who it is today without his help.

Tom consulted and educated our founding team (including myself, T.J. Clark, Todd Belfer and Jay Poplowski) and was instrumental in helping make our first key hires (Carlos Matos and Eric Schnieder). Last but not least, Tom introduced us to many of our best affiliates, even when he was starting a competing service (Limocart).

Tom’s legacy will live on forever in the limo world. To paraphrase the late Steve Jobs, Tom Mazza made a dent in our universe.

By Carlos Matos,
I can’t remember Tom Mazza without remembering all the contributions he made to countless members of the ground transportation industry, including myself.

Tom was a true friend, great leader and an individual fully dedicated to the growth of our industry. Tom was so energetic and passionate about the industry, he could walk into a room full of chauffeurs and keep them all on the edge of their seats for over an hour. He was so well liked that he was immediately followed by dozens of people whenever he entered the room.

Tom, you left us too early, but rest assured your legacy will live among us forever.

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