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Wine tours from $120

A road trip filled with wine and relaxation leaves very little room for maps and hassle.

Hire a driver to get you there – and back – and give everyone a taste of the good life.

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Go, fight, win! ….and, ride!

After the summer-long lockout, the season that almost wasn’t is BACK!  That’s right – it’s football season.

Whether you are heading to the stadium this weekend, or escaping tonight’s Project Runway to hit the local sports bar, hire a driver on and forget about fighting for a cab or paying for parking.  Get door-to-door service for yourself and all your buddies.  The bigger the ride, the better the value.

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It’s all about the wheels…

Hey brides — want to bring out the best in your groomsmen? Book a sweet ride for the wedding day and you’ll be giving them lifelong bragging rights.

Whether it’s a traditional stretch or something sportier like a stretch SUV, the groomsmen are going to want to feel like men coming out of that thing. And frankly, we can’t blame them. We’re already asking them to stand in a line without talking, while wearing flowers and shiny shoes – we can certainly throw them a bone and hook them up with a respectable set of wheels. Especially when it’s stocked with chilled beers, champagne, snacks, tunes, the works.

After all, everyone knows: happy groomsmen = better wedding photos.

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Calling all business travelers (and travel managers!)

Do you travel for business, or book travel for someone who does?  Have you heard about For Business?  You are booking your flights, hotels and rental cars online – why not your ground transportation??

Half of the Fortune 500 have 50 or more employees using for Business.  You get the same great features from, including pre-negotiated rates, all-inclusive pricing, pre-screened and insured drivers, and 24/7 customer support, plus the perk of online management tools that seamlessly integrate with your travel systems or travel agency to help you control your travel budget.

Whether you want motor coach shuttle service for your employees, or you need town-car service to the airport, hotel or convention, or for that important lunch with a big client, check out for Business and start saving.  There are no booking fees or registration required.

Attending the GBTA in Denver?  Swing by booth number 581 and we’ll tell you all about it.

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Top three ways to prolong your Summer

Summer is almost over. Squeeze the last drops out of the season with our top three summer excursions:

wine tourWINE TOURS:

A road trip filled with wine and relaxation leaves very little room for maps and hassle. Hire a driver to get you there – and back – and give everyone a taste of the good life.

birthday limosBIRTHDAY PARTIES:

It’s an easy way to take any birthday celebration to the next level. Perfect for anyone who loves to party, and believes that getting there is half the fun.

concert ridesCONCERTS:

Forget about trying to find decent parking, or ditching the encore to hunt for your car. Turn up the volume, and get all your friends- the bigger the ride, the bigger the value.

Check out all of the ride options and celebrate your end-of-Summer in style.  Find a ride that fits your budget (and all of your friends!)

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And the nominees are…

Us! We’ve just been nominated for the Global Business Travel Association’s “Innovations of the Year” award. What’s that? It’s the brainchild of The Wall Street Journal and Global Business Travel Association, designed to honor the folks making life a little easier for the business traveler. And apparently, that’s what we’ve done. So come make it official, and vote for us.

If we’re chosen, we’ll be showcased at the 2011 GBTA Convention, where thousands of corporate travelers and managers can get the inside scoop on our business. Important things like how we manage to offer such reliable, 5-star service at prices up to 40% off market rates. We could tell you now, but that would take all the fun out of the convention, wouldn’t it?

So vote for us and help us further refine the business traveler’s life on the road. It’s a luxurious job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Hurry! Voting ends July 15.

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Friday fun and more Apple news iPhone appThe last week in San Francisco has been CRAZY with Apple news – the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference was held just a few blocks from our office, and everyone within an earshot has been talking about iCloud, unlocked iPhones and the sweet, free iPhone app that just hit iTunes.  You haven’t heard about the sweet app?  It’s the iPhone app – ready for download, just in time for your summer of fun.

You’ll have all the perks of booking a ride from the palm of your hand–unbeatable prices included of course. Plus, now that we’re mobile, you don’t even have to know your exact address to schedule a pick up.  Say you’re in a business meeting in another city, we’ll use your phone’s GPS to send a car to you.  Even if you are vacationing out of the country, our app can help you book car service wherever you go, with a few taps of your finger.

Welcome to the future.
Next up…teleporting!

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Wedding photos from a Davids Bridal winner!

We’re feeling like fairy godmothers at Limos HQ right now.

If you didn’t know, partners with David’s Bridal to give away a free limo ride for a lucky winner’s wedding day each month. The winners have a year to use their prize, and since wedding rides are often done several months in advance, we don’t often hear about what happens after they win.

Melanie Edwards was our winning bride in October 2010. We just received not only a note from her thanking us for making her wedding extra special with a white stretch limo, but also some of her beautiful wedding photos!

Melanie and her new husband Kenneth, thanks so much for sharing! We’re so happy that we were able to help make your day even more unforgettable.

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Big news, and a word from our CEO

Title: Big news, and a word from our CEO

We’ve got some fantastic news! I’d spell it all out here, but, well, maybe I should let the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat and TechCrunch do it instead:

The New York Times Raises $10 Million from Austin Ventures
The Wall Street Journal Online
Amid Talent War, Tries “Speed Hiring”
VentureBeat lands $10M for swanky online limo services
TechCrunch Scores $10 Million For Online Limo And Car Services Marketplace


We here at LLC are all incredibly excited for the next year and all the amazing things coming.

On that note, here’s a word from our CEO, TJ Clark:

Three years ago, the founders of saw an opportunity to do for ground transportation what they had very successfully done for air travel at one of the hottest start-ups of the Internet boom – bring a highly fragmented, offline industry to the web and use technology to create an efficient, transparent marketplace that benefits both consumers and suppliers.

We’ve preferred to stay under the radar and build our business. And there was a lot to do. The ground transportation industry is a $36 billion market in the U.S. alone ($17B private car; $19B taxi) with more than 8,000 suppliers and no central inventory or booking system. More than 95% of car service bookings are still made by phone, and customers have no easy way to compare prices and providers. In fact, many consumers don’t even realize there are multiple independent
providers of reliable limo and town car service in their city who are willing to compete for their business with lower prices.

We’ve quietly gone market to market throughout the world and connected thousands of pre-screened, licensed and insured suppliers to our marketplace. We’ve built a following of 1.7 million registered users and over 500K monthly visitors while tripling revenue over the past three years and being profitable since day one. Today is the largest online comparison shopping marketplace for limo and car services worldwide.

So we’re excited to announce we’ve received $10 million in financing from private equity firm Austin Ventures. We’ll use this fresh capital infusion to continue improving for consumers and corporate travelers, as well as our supplier partners.

Our pedal is to the metal, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from this year.  Whether you’re planning a wedding or traveling for business, join us for the ride…

— T.J. Clark, CEO

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Time to upgrade your prom

Imagine the night:

you’re wearing the hottest dress in town… one that would make Megan Fox green with envy. Your hair and make-up are flawless, his tux complements your dress perfectly, and his hair would make Justin Bieber reconsider his stylist. The corsage he got you is perfect and matches your rockin’ dress as if they were cut from the same material.  All the embarrassing parent pictures have been taken and it’s time to hit the road for your unforgettable night.

You climb into his parents’ 2008 Honda Accord and you’re off to dinner… wait, really?

Unacceptable. Your all-time fashion high should have a ride to match.

Getting a ride for prom doesn’t necessarily mean draining your parent’s savings account. lets you compare local car service companies and prices all in one place. What’s best is that negotiates with limo companies for discounts of up to 40% off standard rates. So not only will you arrive in style, you’ll be able to afford something other than burgers and fries for dinner.

We’ve put together a new Prom Limo Guide to help answer your questions about renting a limo for prom. Check it out!

Got questions not answered on the page? Be sure to tweet us or ask us on Facebook.

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