Our favorite limo movie scenes

The Oscars are this Sunday! I don’t know about you, but for some reason all the other award shows pale in comparison, at least for me.

In honor of the Oscar awards, here’s a few of some of our favorite limo scenes. Although I’m pretty certain none of these movies actually WON any Oscars, they’re pretty great all the same:

Pretty Woman –

Who can forget that fabulous final scene of pretty woman, with Richard Gere as the modern knight in shining armor – white ‘horse’ and all?

2012 –

The movie itself was fairly ridiculous, but…come on, John Cusack is the best. Limo driver. Ever.

Secret of my Success –

Michael J Fox! in the 80’s! In a limo! With an older lady! Not to mention an iconic song. Oh, Yeah..

Dumb and Dumber –

Who can resist one of the (in my humble opinion) funniest and most quotable movies of all time? If you’ve never seen this classic, let’s just say our drivers are way, way more reliable.

“It’s okay, I’m a limo driver!”

Do you have any favorite limo scenes? Let us know!

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It’s Valentine’s Day! What are your plans?

Today is Valentine’s day! Monday is kind of a hard day for the holiday, coming off of a long day of work and all…did you make plans? Even remembering to stop off for flowers makes all the difference!

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And the winners are…

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Love a Limo sweepstakes!

There were so many incredible entries – touching stories, funny stories, even a poem. There was no way we could judge on merit alone, so winners were picked randomly.

Congratulations to our winners, and for everyone else, stay tuned, because there’s plenty more giveaways to come.

Congrats to:

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Last day to enter our Facebook contest!

We here at Limos HQ are just blown away by all of your entries so far on our Facebook page. So many fantastic, touching stories!

Today is the LAST DAY to enter to win a limo – we’ll be announcing the winners tomorrow morning, so if you were planning on sharing your story with us and haven’t yet, now’s the time! The contest closes at 5pm PST today.

Review the rules, and then follow the big red button to our Facebook page to enter.

Good luck!

Go to our Facebook page to enter

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Single on Valentine’s Day? Worry not!

I know, I know… it’s easy to be annoyed by all the couples making big plans for Valentine’s Day. But hey, why should they have all the fun?  Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating love – not just romantic love, but love for your friends, family, and the most neglected of all…YOU.  With the right attitude, the perfect plan, and a little help from Limos.com, you can be the envy of your married and dating friends if you’re single this Valentine’s Day.

Here are four great tips for singles everywhere to make Valentine’s Day 2011 the best ever:

1.      Party on wheels – Plan a night out on the town with your friends in a private, chauffeured car. Stock the limo with everyone’s favorite drinks and start the night with a heartfelt toast to friendship and the single life.

2.      Nonstop fun – No need for the celebration to pause when you’re on the road. Provide your driver with a CD of everyone’s favorite songs and share stories of other special times together. Driving down memory lane with friends is even more meaningful when someone else is minding the road.

3.      Turn heads – Arrive to your destination, celeb style. There may not be paparazzi, but turning heads when you all look and feel your best will add to this memorable night.

4.      Let loose – Enjoy a carefree night out and be worry-free the next day.  Focus on your friends and let your driver focus on the road.

If you’re single, tell us how you plan to spend Valentine’s Day.

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The Guy’s Guide to Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

So you’ve waited until the last minute, and now you’re dangerously close to making this a Valentine’s Day she’ll want to forget. No worries! Limos.com has some easy last minute valentine’s day ideas for making her feel like the most special woman in the world… or at least in her office.

Treating the one you love to a night out with car service is one of the easiest ways to make an occasion feel extra special. But it’s going to take more than a chauffeur to make this night perfect, so we’ve teamed up with some of our other favorite sites to show you how. Here are some hints:

  • Remember that Valentine’s Day is on Monday this year, so it’s imperative to send flowers to her office.
  • Resist the temptation to text your invite or restaurant idea.
  • It won’t kill you to dress up for once.
  • Make an appointment for her to have a day at the spa. Yes, you make the call. Not only will she love you, so will the ladies at the appointment desk.
  • Explore different eateries for each course of your meal.
  • Get to know your driver or concierge (and have tip money handy).
  • Get her a gift she’s not expecting.

See our press release for more pro tips.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2011! Let us know how it turns out!

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Great entries so far!

So it looks like quite a few of you would love a limo

It’s been fantastic to read your entries so far. I’m amazed how many incredible stories people have and the reasons they give for wanting a limo. Opentable was nice enough to let us do a guest post this afternoon, and it looks like plenty of their readers are interested in winning a limo as well! Hey, I don’t blame you…

Check out our Facebook page to read the entries so far and add your own. Keep ’em coming! You have until Thursday to enter, and winners will be annouced this Friday.

Good luck!

Go to our Facebook page to enter

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5 reasons to ride in the back seat this Valentine’s Day

Ride in the Back Seat

Let’s face it, driving can be a drag when you’re trying to make an evening romantic. Surprise your date with a Valentine’s Day gift of car service for your special evening, and we’re betting you’ll BOTH like the benefits.

Here’s our top five reasons car service will make for a Valentine’s Day to be remembered – for all the right reasons:

1.       Your undivided attention – It’s tough to make someone feel special while you’re looking for parking.  Let your chauffeur keep his eyes on the road while yours are on your Valentine.

2.       Quality time together– Relax and enjoy each other in a private space all to yourselves. Provide your driver with a CD of your date’s favorite songs and a bottle of  champagne or wine, and share a toast to all the things that make you love each other.

3.       Non-stop romance – Create a special moment in-between each of the night’s venues so the ambiance continues when you’re on the road. Reveal a small, inexpensive but meaningful gift at each stop, and the romance meter will be off the charts.

4.       Red carpet moment – Luxury and style do matter. There may not be paparazzi, but turning heads when you both look and feel your best will only add to this memorable night.

5.       Responsible fun – Play like a kid, be responsible like a grown-up.  Enjoy your night without worry, in the capable hands of a trained driver.  You focus on the moment… your driver will take care of the distractions.

Do you have another reason, or two?  Tell us on Facebook and be entered in our Valentine’s Limo-a-Day sweepstakes.   Or, if you have some great pictures of a Valentine’s Day – or any other day – made better with a limo, share them with the OpenTable Flickr group and be entered to win one of four  limo + $200 gift card packages from OpenTable and Limos.com.

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Would YOU love a limo?

Thinking about stepping up your game for Valentine’s day this year? How about we help you take it up a notch – we’re offering the chance to whisk you and your date away in a limo. Starting today through Thursday February 10th 2011,  we’re going to be giving away a limo a day, in honor of the biggest date night of the year.

Not thrilled about going out on a Monday? Don’t worry – the ride is good for any time in 2011, so you’ll be able to use it whenever.

Here’s how you enter to win. Post on our Facebook wall telling us why you’d love a limo for Valentine’s day and you’ll be automatically entered. We’ll award a limo a day, at random, from the entries, and the winners will be announced on February 11th.

Follow us on twitter @limos to keep posted on the contest – you never know what will happen!

Read the official rules and regulations, and good luck!

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Welcome to The Ride!

Welcome to the RideHi everybody!

Welcome to the official blog of Limos.com.

We’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a blog for a while now – our experience as the No. 1 site on the web for limos and car service has, unsurprisingly, also made us experts in all sorts of random limo-related information. A lot of it we think you’d find pretty helpful, and so we’ve put together a way to more easily share that information with you.

This blog is a little bit of everything in the limo-sphere: travel news, spotlights on stellar limo companies, updates from life at LimosHQ, helpful articles we’ll put together, and even some special promotions. Stay tuned for more on that front.

We also want to hear from you! What do you want to know about booking a limo, or about car service in general? From weddings to prom, we’ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge and can answer all your questions.

Keep checking back for all sorts of exciting stuff from the Limos.com team. And thanks for coming along for The Ride!

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