02/03/2011: Time for an Upgrade

Limos.com Offers Tips for Making this Valentine’s Day
the One She’ll Always Remember (until next year anyway)

Enter to Win – Limos.com Is Giving Away a Limo a Day!

February 3, 2011 – SAN FRANCISCO – For every gentleman who has struggled to find ways to make his wife, girlfriend, or girl-of-the month feel like the most cherished female on the planet on Valentine’s Day, read on. Limos.com, the world’s largest online marketplace for chauffeured transportation, has introduced 10 easy ways to upgrade Valentine’s Day 2011, which will make every woman around yours ask, “Why can’t my man be like that?”  There’s Version 1.0 and then there’s The Upgrade:


Version 1.0 (Lame) The Easy Upgrade
Boring Bouquet Name Those FlowersTailor a bouquet with flowers that each have a meaning, and write the meaning in the accompanying card. If you have children, send two bouquets – one from you and one from your kids – and make sure one of them is sent to her office so her coworkers will see how loved she is.
Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates Gourmet ChocolateSend hand-picked chocolates to her office for her AND her female coworkers. If you have children, include hand-made Valentine’s Day cards from them with the delivery.
The Bland Invitation Evite to RomanceCreate a customized, romantic invite on Evite, a la an invite to an exclusive event… your exclusive event.
Your Usual Dressed-Up Attire Detail Your LookDress in a new suit or outfit she’s never seen, and show up dressed in something she’s always wanted you to wear. At worst, you only have to wear it for one night.  Also try a haircut and a new cologne.  Tiny details can make a huge difference.
Her Usual Dressed-Up Attire Pamper Her Surprise her with a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store and a day of shopping while you tend to the house and/or kids. Throw in a manicure, pedicure and facial, and make the appointment for her to take place on the day of your upgraded V-Day date.
Same Old Vehicle Chauffeur in StyleSurprise her with a chauffeured car for the evening, to keep the ambiance and romance going.  Limos.com can find you the perfect ride at an affordable cost.  Sprinkle rose petals on the seat, play romantic music and leave the hassles of parking, watching your limit and dealing with traffic to your driver.  This simple luxury can make all the difference.
The Usual Restaurant Romantic Food TourResearch and make reservations at OpenTable for a restaurant based on her taste.  Surprise her with reservations at multiple destinations – one for appetizers and drinks, one for the main meal, and one for dessert.  And order dessert despite her objections!
The After-Dinner Place You Always Go Jazz it UpRomance doesn’t stop with the dinner check. Use Citysearch to find a stylish, upscale hotel lounge with live jazz, or take her dancing at a place designed for romance.
Ho Hum Home (or Hotel) Concierge or Driver CupidIf staying in a hotel for the night, introduce yourself to the concierge and have him stock your room with special treats, champagne and strawberries, candlelight and wine, her favorite tunes… Or do the same for the ride home by making friends with your driver – soft music, candles and champagne can turn a simple ride home into a night to remember.
The Usual Gift Follow the above upgrades, and any gift will leave a memorable impression if chosen thoughtfully. A night filled with extravagance and a simple gift from the heart can be the most meaningful of all.

Two Ways to Win!

Ø  Limos.com is offering the chance to whisk you and your date away in a chauffeured car. Today through Thursday, February 10th, 2011, we’re giving away a limo a day, in honor of the biggest date night of the year. Simply post on our Facebook wall telling us why you’d love car service for Valentine’s Day and you’ll be automatically entered. We’ll award a limo a day, at random, from the entries, and the winners will be announced on February 11th.

Ø  We’ve also teamed up with OpenTable for another chance to win car service this Valentine’s Day! Share a fun photo of you with or in a limo on the OpenTable Flickr group for a chance to win one of four limousine rides + $200 AMEX gift card packages we’ll be giving away every day for four days, starting Monday, February 8, 2011 through Thursday, February 10, 2011.

“Car service is an easy and affordable way to make any occasion feel special – an all-in-one package that gives consumers convenience, reliability and safety, with the option to select the right amount of luxury for their needs. Car service is a bit of a best-kept secret, and for Valentine’s Day it’s a perfect fit,” said T.J. Clark, CEO of Limos.com.

About Limos.com

Limos.com is the largest online marketplace for chauffeured transportation worldwide, enabling leisure and business travelers to compare and book pre-screened car services at specially-negotiated discounts of up to 40% off standard rates. With exclusive search technology, thousands of quality local vendors and helpful customer reviews, Limos.com consistently delivers more ways to find the perfect car service or limousine for any occasion. Learn more at www.limos.com.

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